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Roche NimbleGen provides the most sensitive ChIP-chip (chromatin immunoprecipitation on chip) microarrays on the market. These arrays enable rapid identification of precise binding sites of specific DNA-binding proteins such as transcription factors, histones, and polymerases - within a target genome, as well as uncover chromatin remodeling in any region of a genome. NimbleGen ChIP-chip microarrays and services have become the platform of choice supported by an ever-growing list of peer-reviewed publications. Coupled with chromatin immunoprecipitation, the service offers:

  • Precise identification of DNA binding sites or chromatin structure across whole genomes or within biologically focused regions including promoters.
  • Highly sensitive detection of DNA binding sites due to the use of long (50-75mer), isothermal oligonucleotide probes.
  • Comprehensive catalog collection of targeted promoter and Deluxe Promoter array designs as well as whole-genome tiling arrays for multiple organisms.

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