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DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification known to have widespread effects on gene expression. Dysregulation of methylation has been linked to the etiology of common diseases such as cancer, MS, diabetes, and schizophrenia. Affinity-based methods for enrichment of methylated DNA fragments, such as MeDIP (Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation) or the MBD (Methyl Binding Domain Protein) methods, are the preferred sample preparation methods for identifying methylated DNA on arrays. Coupled with one of these enrichment methods, our services offer:


  • Sensitive detection for profiling methylation status at single-site resolution. This robust assay deployed on VeraCode technology offers an economical and high-throughput solution for low- to mid-level multiplexing and presents an ideal platform for focused studies or biomarker validation.


  • Precise identification of methylated DNA regions across whole genomes or within biologically focused regions including promoters and CpG islands.
  • Highly sensitive detection of methylated CpGs due to use of long, isothermal (50-75mer) oligonucleotide probes.
  • Comprehensive catalog collection of targeted promoter, CpG island Plus Promoter, and Deluxe Promoter array designs as well as whole-genome tiling arrays for multiple organisms.

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